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06/13 - 06/15/2024

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Rockfest 06/13 - 06/15/2024

Facts and figures about Rockfest: from arrival to daysaver ticket you can find all information about program/lineup, camping site, approaching tips or other visitor information here.

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When does the "Rockfest 2024" take place?

  • Date: 06/13 - 06/15/2024
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Start: 28 days ago


Buy tickets for "Rockfest 2024"

  • Festival ticket (s.f.): unknown
  • Daysaver ticket (s.f.): unknown
  • Ticket shop: External link


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Where does the "Rockfest" take place?

  • City: 05820 Hyvinkää
  • State: no data
  • Country: Finland

Event venue

Do I need an umbrella and a grill?

  • Where: outdoor
  • Site: Hyvinkää Airport
  • Camping: yes


Lineup "Rockfest" 2024

  • Artist amount (Grouping): 21-30
  • Artists: no data


How do I get to the "Rockfest"?

  • Get a ride: no data
  • Approach: no data

Some numbers

Foundation, categorization and visitor number of the "Rockfest 2024"

  • Category: Rock festivals
  • Genres: Metal, Rock
  • Foundation: no data
  • Festival edition: no data
  • Visitors: 25000


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Rockfest Statistics

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